#46 He tries to seduce you


Harry had been bugging you the whole night. He kept kissing your neck and trying to slip his hands up your shirt. You were really tired and not in the mood. Finally, he got up and stood in front of you. “Here is a preview, babe. You can’t possibly resist this!” he said, sticking his finger through his zipper. You giggled. “If that’s the size of what you’re offering I definitely can resist.” you replied.


You were with some friends at the club, dancing and having a good time. Niall kept motioning you to dance with him the whole night, but you refused. You were here with friends and you didn’t want to have to worry about guys. After one too many drinks, Niall called your name from across the club. You looked over and saw him point at you, then he did an attempt at a sexy dance move. You giggled and danced over to him, not being able to resist his dorkiness.


It wasn’t very hard for Zayn to put you under his spell. His deep, brown eyes and pouty lips just did something to you. One day while you were talking, Zayn thought it would be funny to distract you. He stared directly at you, biting on his lips as you spoke. Of course, you were entranced. “Zayn, that’s not funny! Let me finish my story!” you giggled. He smiled and quickly kissed you. “Okay, now you can finish.” 


You knew it was cheesy, but you always told Louis that his smile made you melt, and he definitely used it to his advantage. Whenever he wanted something, he would flash you his beautiful grin. “Please, babe? Just stay with me tonight? You can skip your meeting tomorrow.” he would say. You sighed, knowing you couldn’t resist him. 


"That was horrible." Liam said, reacting to your so-called sexy dance move. He asked you what you do if you were trying to get him to notice you at the club. "Alright, pretty boy. Let’s see what you got." you said. He smiled. "Try not to pounce on me, alright?" You nodded and crossed your arms. "So it’s called the 1,2,3 flick! Ready?" He smiled and started his dance move. You giggled and rolled your eyes. "I would run away if I saw you doing that towards me." He narrowed his eyes and tackled you onto the floor, giving you a big kiss. 

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